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Plush Throw Pillows

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Plush Throw Pillows

Three types of cute plush throw pillows for your couch, chair, or bed. These pillows will tie any room together! Comes in 3 different styles:

  • Circle shaped - plain spherical pillow in three colors; brown, white, and beige
  • Knot shaped - beige or caramel colored pillow tied in a pretzel knot
  • Cloud shaped - our favorite shape! White puffy cloud-shaped pillow


  • Comes in 3 different styles (sphere/circle, knot shape, and cloud shape) with the circular pillow coming in 3 colors (beige, white, and brown(
  • Plush, fluffy feel - perfect for taking naps on!

Why we love this product

These plush throw pillows are so cute and comfy! We love every style of them, but especially the cloud shaped pillow. It just reminds us a beautiful summer day on the beach where the sun is shining and there are some welcoming puffy clouds in the sky. They're also so comfortable, the plush-ness makes it so easy to take a quick reacharging nap with them.

Specifications and Other Information



  • Sphere/circle style - 26cm diameter
  • Twist style - 14x29cm
  • Cloud style - 54x36cm

Colors/variants - 3 styles - sphere shaped, twist shaped, and cloud shaped. Sphere style has 3 colors - beige, caramel, and white. Twist style has 2 colors, beige and caramel. Cloud style only comes in white.


Materials - Cloth

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