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How long should my order take to ship?

We do our best to provide you with the highest quality products sourced from around the world. Because of this, our products may take a bit longer than you’re used to, but generally should be at your door in about 2-4 weeks. Shipping time for individual products may vary, and more information on shipping times can be found during checkout. If you have questions about your product’s shipping time, feel free to reach out to and someone should be able to respond to your inquiry within a business day.

What is Catnap’s refund policy?

Not satisfied with your product? No problem! We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Please send us an email requesting a refund to within 30 days of receiving your item, and we will provide you with further instructions within a business day.

I ordered some earplugs, how long should each pair last?

Depending on the set of earplugs you ordered and the frequency with which you use them, a pair of plugs can last anywhere from 1 month to year. Generally, you should expect a pair of your foam plugs to last about a month, and a pair of your airplane or noise-canceling plugs to last about 1 year, with proper washing and care.

I just read through your whole FAQ. Can I get a discount?

Sure! Go ahead and use code IREADTHEFAQ at checkout for free shipping and 10% off your order!