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Earplugs Set and Case

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Earplugs Set and Case

3 types of earplugs for all types of uses. Whether you’re looking for better sleep, earplugs for flights or commuting, or noise cancellation in loud places, we have a set of plugs for you!
Each earplug order comes with multiple sets in case you lose some (and let's be honest, you probably will), as well as a handy, pocket-sized case for easy transportation and storage.
Our plugs are great for concert-goers, users of heavy machinery, those who travel by plane often, and anyone who sleeps lightly.
  • 3 types of plugs for different uses:
    • Airplane plugs - Silicone earplugs are best for napping on long flights or train rides. Your order comes with 4 pairs of plugs
    • Dual-frequency Noise Canceling earplugs - Best for very light sleepers looking to block a lot of noise at night. Also great for concert-goers and people who use noisy equipment or work in noisy environments. Your order comes with 3 pairs of plugs
    • Foam Sleep plugs - Comfy foam earplugs best for most sleeping conditions. Helps to block out a partner or roommate's snoring, outside traffic and noise, or general noisy nighttime environments. These are great for sensitive skin. Your order comes with 5 pairs of plugs
  • All earplug types are sink washable with cool or warm water
  • All earplug types come with a sturdy plastic pocket-sized case for easy storage and transportation
Sizes: Airplane: 14.61x28.83mm; Noise-canceling: 13.8x19.7mm; Foam: 12.6x24.2mm; Case: 82.6x31.8x22.2mm
Colors: Airplane: Gray; Noise-canceling: Orange; Foam: Pink; Case: Gray/Black
Material: Airplane: Silicone; Noise-canceling: Silicone; Foam: Slow-rebound PU Foam; Case: Polycarbonate ABS (plastic)


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