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Mirror Alarm Clock

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Mirror Alarm Clock

Compact bedside mirror alarm clock, the perfect addition to any nightstand! Has a sleek, modern design in multiple colors making it great for all styles. Displays the time, date, and temperature, and can even display the time onto the ceiling for those lazy mornings where you don't even want to turn over.


  • Compact size - perfect for a bedside table, nightstand, or office desk
  • 2 different clock colors and 3 different light colors to choose from
  • Displays the date, time, and temperature, and includes an alarm function
  • Has an upward facing display light to display the time on the ceiling
  • Power-saving and auto-dimming modes

Why we love this product

Everyone (unfortunately) needs an alarm clock nearby to make sure they can wake up on time for work or school. We adore this mirror alarm clock for its beautiful, modern looking design and multiple styles. The ceiling display is great as well - if you've never had a ceiling display alarm clock this will make you change your mind! It's so great for those mornings where you don't even want to roll over to check the time, or if you occasionally wake up in the middle of the night and want to check the time easily. 

Specifications and Other Information

Size - 104*95*45mm

Colors/variants - 2 body colors - white and black, as well as 3 display colors red, white, and green, for a total of 6 styles


Materials - plastic, glass


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