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Compact Air Purifying Humidifier

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Compact Air Purifying Humidifier

Compact air purifying humidifier, perfect for a bedside table, nightstand, work desk, or even your car! Has colorful, atmospheric lights that display on the top of the humidifer that provide a nice, relaxing sensation to go along with your nightime unwinding routine. Add a drop of your favorite essential oil to add an extra level to your relaxation!


  • 2 purifying modes - continuous spray and timed shutdown (4-6 hours)¬†
  • Quiet, nearly soundless - should not affect your sleep in any way
  • Compact and lightweight size that can be used anywhere - bedside table, desk, nightsand, car, anywhere you want!
  • Available in 3 colors - pink, white, and navy
  • Comes with 5 long-lasting humidifier sponges¬†
  • USB power source

Why we chose this product

At Catnap, we're all about helping you create personalized relaxation habits. When you want to unwind, what's better than a nice relaxing bath with your favorite essential oil aroma before bed? Or during your morning commute while listening to your favorite podcast or album? This compact air purifying humidifier is a great addition for anyone who's looking for something just a little extra in their relaxation routine, and we can't recommend it enough!

Specifications and Other Information

Colors - Comes in 3 colors - pink, white, or navy 

Materials - Plastic and electronic components

Capacity - 300 mL


The life of each diffuser sponge will depend on the quality of water used in the humidifier, the cleaner the better. Generally, expect about 6-12 months of use from each sponge. Change them when they look dirty or clogged with dust, or when there is a noticeable difference in air or aroma quality. 


Looking to pick up some essential oils? We offer 12 different aromas which can be found here! Looking for more foam sticks? You can find those here as well!

Shipping Information

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