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Sunrise Alarm Clock

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Sunrise Alarm Clock

Nothing beats waking up to the sunrise, right? With this sunrise alarm clock, you can wake up to the sunrise at the same time, every morning! When the time comes for you to wake up, this clock slowly increases in brightness, emulating the sunrise. To make sure you notice, it can also make multiple different traditional alarm noises at your designated wake-up time. There's no better "natural" way to wake up in the morning!


  • "Sunrise" functionality - as your set alarm time approaches, the clock gives off a light that slowly increases in intensity to simulate the sunrise
  • 6 different light colors
  • 8 different alarm noises, including FM radio

    Why we love this product

    Waking up with the sunrise is one of the best ways to wake up feeling rested for us. It doesn't wake you up abruptly, like a normal alarm clock does, and just feels natural. But, unfortunately, sunrise doesn't happen the same time every day all year-round. There may only be a few days or weeks where waking up to the natural sunrise is even feasible on a busy schedule! We love this clock because it brings the luxury of waking up to the sunrise to your everyday wake-up routine!

    Specifications and Other Information

    Size - 200mm x 180mm x 30mm

    Colors/variants - only 1 variant, but can display light in 6 different colors (green, blue, red, pink, orange, and light blue)


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